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Traversing the Oracle License Compliance Maze

We have worked with Oracle Products and Services for almost a decade now and as much as we passionately recommend Oracle to everyone we come across, we must admit that understanding and be complying with Oracle’s license policies can cause a bit of a headache (and possibly some heartburn). Recently we came across multiple clients [...]

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Oracle On-Demand Alternative

Oracle Managed Service Flexibility, Affordability, Customized to Your Business Needs, Secure. These are just some of the reasons why Vigilant Technologies Oracle Managed Service is superior to other solution providers. Flexibility – If your organization is using or considering service providers such as Oracle on Demand you may want to look closer. Many providers have [...]

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Integration of E-Business Suite R12 with Oracle Database Vault 11gR2

Oracle Database Vault helps us address some of the most difficult security problems such as protecting against insider threats and enforcing separation of duties. It provides a number of flexible features that can be used to apply fine-grained access control to our sensitive data. Most importantly, it protects our data from super privileged users but [...]

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Oracle Migration Workbench – An Introduction

An Oracle database provides you with better scalability, reliability, increased performance, and better security than other third-party databases. For this reason, organizations migrate from their current database, to an Oracle database. Because a database migration can be a complicated process, Oracle provides you with Migration Workbench. Migration Workbench is a tool that helps you to [...]

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11g R2 New Features

There are numerous new features in Oracle 11g R2. I have compiled a list to highlight the most important ones which will help boost performance and increase ROI for your implementation. To help separate the features based on roles, I broke the features that pertain to the point of view of, Developers, and Database Administrators. [...]

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BI Publisher Integration with Oracle Apps

Before BI Publisher was released as a Product that was integrated with Oracle Applications, Oracle Reports 6i was the most widely used Tool for generating Report outputs and print documents like PO’s, Invoices, statements etc… Complex Report layouts often took longer to create and test using the Oracle Reports Tool. With the launch of BI [...]

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OA Framework Basic Personalizations

More often than not, most companies that use Oracle Applications self service modules in 11i or are currently on R12.x versions, have had the need to customize their self service pages. Some of the changes that I have seen clients request are – changes in the display of the field name, add additional fields to [...]

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Oracle R12 Multi-Org Access Control

Multi-Org Access Control (MOAC) is used to allow access to multiple operating units from a single application responsibility. Prior to Release 12, Oracle users would have to login to difference responsibilities to enter or process data within an operating unit. A new feature for Release 12, MOAC, allows the creation of a Security Profile and [...]

  • Do you have too much software? – Do You Have Too Much Software?

We run into this a lot of time with our customers. Companies over the years have purchased many different software packages and do not have good tools in place to keep track of usage or the maintenance contracts. So what do you do when you find you are over licensed with your software? Good question… [...]