Oracle Licensing

Expert advice. It’s important in most things, but particularly so in determining the right combination of technology required to meet specific business or technical needs. And expert advice is precisely what’s needed when planning, deploying or maintaining a complex, enterprise technology such as Oracle Applications, Database or Fusion Middleware software.

This is where Vigilant can help. With a deep and broad knowledge of the entire Oracle product family, we’re experts at helping our customers determine not only which Oracle products are required, but how they should be deployed, and how many licenses are actually needed. And since we approach licensing in the same, consultative way we do all of our Services, our recommendations are based solely on what our customers truly need to be successful without being influenced by other, external business pressures.

Vigilant customers in many cases realize significant cost savings as a result of the expert advice that we can provide. Our customers also often find the license acquisition and maintenance process much easier given Vigilant’s focus on meeting the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses. And our focus on long-term customer relationships ultimately means higher levels of Service and Account Management consistency than is traditionally available through other avenues.

If you’re in the planning phases for an Oracle based project – or just want to find out how Vigilant might be able to help improve your overall Oracle licensing experience, contact us today to learn more!